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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 14, 2015 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> arrested a 15 -year-old, the leader in the video of a brutal a brutal gang attack in the brooklyn mcdonald's on monday. she is the one taking off the purple bra and continues to be perfect and kicking her repeatedly in the head. police have charged her with rubbery to and gang assault. the daily news is now reporting that there are
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five other girls police are looking for. you can see their head shots here. they are wanted in connection with this, allegedly part of a gang called the young savages. it may be connection to a homicide three weeks ago. we learned more about the perpetrator the police arrested last night. she night. she has a long rap sheet. when she turned 16 eight months ago she is been has been arrested eight times stabbing her brother, punching her grandmother as well as other various charges. she is in police custody waiting to go in front of a judge. well, i spoke to a to a former nypd -- nypd detective and said that girls being not only a part of a gang but leaders in gangs is something we have not seen since the 90s. >> right now they are loosely affiliated, not
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structure just yet but they will develop over time. then they will be a force to be reckoned with. >> i remember this day but behavior when i was a 15 -year-old girl. my school and friends and boyfriends or whatever. this is so sad. >> the street gangs in new york are not a new thing. when the nypd says the mother of the victim won't cooperate, the victim herself won't cooperate and the younger was there to get into a fight and got the worst and of it, you it you live by the gang you dive again. bill: sometimes it is natural upbringing and sometimes it is bad people. i see a criminal that not only attacked someone in a restaurant but attacked a grandmother, her brother. i
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only see prison in this young woman's future. i think that they should round up every single one of those participants and put them away for a long time. ♪ bill: "high speed chase". >> hold onto your smart phones on the subway. subway. a group of these are going around grabbing them. the nypd put out this picture, 15 picture, 15 to 20 years old. keep your eye out. ♪ >> a teacher at a high school here in new jersey is coming under fire for stating religious beliefs on facebook, we need healthy families with the mother and father for the sake of children and humanity. arguing that same-sex marriage is part of the agenda that aims toward the extinction of western civilization. the post- garnering nationwide comment and criticism from celebrities.
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some are calling it a hate crime in question her authority as a teacher. we are talking to a former pupil of the school who has started a petition garnering hundreds of signatures calling for an end to hate crime like this. what i want to ask you is why this is considered a hate crime and not freedom of religious expression? >> because it is aimed at a specific group based on sexual orientation. that is what the definition of a hate crime is. bill: is catholicism may grant you? if you don't believe and the marriage that is not a hate crime, but if you accuse homosexual of undermining western civilization.
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>> they just need to clear the language line, is that what your saying? >> they can object to gay marriage as long as they aren't offending an entire group of people. >> aren't you trying to silence her speech? >> i i would never say you can't, you know. bill: are you so i cover? >> i have always been a catholic. >> obviously leaning toward the freedom of speech. what i here is basically a complete contradiction we agree with the right to say the do it.
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aggressive or liberal ideas. that is a fact. many catholics, many catholics, many christians don't believe in homosexuality, don't think it is okay. if someone voices their opinion they are attacked. it is not good. it good. it is not good. bill: what is the agenda? you are in hawaii, not impacted directly, not a student, a student, don't have kids in the school. are you just trolling the internet looking for trouble? >> i am not. a lot of people are upset. helping to sexualize that and make the school. this is hate speech what speech, what you are saying is hurt people, offended people it took off.
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>> free speech is a double-edged sword. hateful things, the court of public opinion have stood -- happens to be an excellent judge, and you will be taken to task. bill: the question is what's next's. >> the school should hold some kind or estate. hate speech is wrong to my think we can all agree. bill: the question is, what defines a speech? i have to believe a catholic theology teacher talking
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about the 14th amendment and western civilization and natural law, to put that in league with hate speech, i think, is a stretch at best. maybe that is why there has not been a huge backlash but we appreciate you coming, but we appreciate you coming on and giving is your opinion. >> we open and revisit 142,000 cases. i found the family that needs all the help it can get. a children. seventeen years before october 29, 28 months ago. 76 percent damage. flood insurance for 17 years. initially offered $60,000. they hired an adjuster and attorney and the number grew to $160,000. if you accept that you are not eligible for more. they have been holding out and essentially homeless for 28 months. >> we did go kayaking in here. >> i met them and a bunch of
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their kids where there house used to be. >> the structure that we wanted want to back the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, no special countertops. that is countertops. that is not what this is about. getting my kids back into our home and living like we normally did. >> a rental property. they have live with parents, camped, camped out in basements. when we drove over to the rental property, as summer rental bungalow by the beach show me where you live. all right. let's see. let's see in here. about 6-foot by 8-foot. >> the worst we have his laundry. just piles up. you know -- >> this is a great family. there's a lot of love.
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they are frustrated. >> we don't want to move out of here. we here. we want to keep our kids grounded where they have been. >> they did the responsible thing as homeowners. their insurance company which has to be incredibly frustrating that you are paying into this for more than a decade a decade and get nothing back. you did exactly the right thing. >> this summer rental, they can live they're by may. they are going to pay quadruple what they are paying and we will have to pay at -- find a new place to live. >> we see the commercials on tv. when we follow the lives of so many after hurricane sandy and now this story they are not there to help them and it is so difficult.
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bill: got himself in all kinds of hot water.
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♪ bill: got it? >> i feel like a $20 bill bill that needs a facelift. a group called women on the 20s is lobbying to take
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andrew jackson off the $20 bill. harriet tubman they are all at the school. the honor falls to the federal government. >> i am in inglewood. i just attended a press conference hosted by sen. senator bob menendez. senator cory booker was here. asking for more federal monday -- money to fund a possible urban light rail extension. obviously sen. senator bob menendez is facing federal corruption charges. he has not been handed the charges yet, but the justice department announced they are planning on bringing charges against him.
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he felt that the charges were retaliation by pres. president obama because he opposed the president on his grand policy. >> that is the only thing i we will say about this issue. >> sen. menendez did not seem worried about the pending charges. i asked senator rucker what he felt. >> what are your thoughts? >> i don't know i don't know what happened yet no charges, only speculation and rumor. >> we will wait to see if the justice department hands down those charges. in the meantime for sen. bob menendez senator bob menendez it is business as usual. you can follow this on twitter @chasingsibile and the show @chasingnews. bill: former host got himself in all kinds of hot water for these unbelievable texts that he was sending.
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>> he resigned as the chief of police come and there is now a pending lawsuit that alleges he sent racist, homophobic, and sexually explicit text messages to employees, some with our with bill cosby. cosby. he warned his employees were patrolling in racially mixed areas. shocking jarring, some shocking, jarring, some of them were sent to 11 people. working as a volunteer for this county chapter back in august. there is disagreement about what may or may not have happened next. according to were retaliation by the most recent statement they say that she has not been asked into the organization, still is a volunteer and said that she was offended by these text messages. the executive director of the garden state equality is here to weigh in. i no you are working on the lawsuit. give us some insight. >> she is a remarkable woman a police officer from a family of police officers.
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she felt like it was incumbent upon her in the vision of fairness that the facts are brought to life. this calls into question his ability to be fair to all people. bill: why are lawsuit? at what time do we say these are just words and he is out of a a job so he cannot now discriminate in this position any longer. why why do we have to go and anti- upcourt and someone beat deserving of some kind of financial reward because they were upset and offended? >> as she laid out in the lawsuit she made a complaint to superiors and then they stopped giving her work. there is a receptive than a sense of retaliation. we we have a public interest to make sure that when people may complaints about civil rights problems they are not retaliated against. >> back in 2003 that 2,003 the chief actually volunteered to help the naacp in a protest against a
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police chief who used racial slurs. it does kind of bring into question some of the intention. bill: thank you for coming on. >> i think that it is a critical part of people from new jersey. >> getting your me in a bag and you know something is wrong. bill: st. patrick's day is here we are fortunate to be joined by our friend of the show. you are a comedian. walk us through your version of irish coffee. >> they generally skip the coffee part. i'm just saying.
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>> his mother's. >> this is how we did it. >> the next thing you do is add brown sugar. >> the web claim is just will cream. >> best i have ever had. bill: everyone have a happy a happy and safe st. patrick's
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bill: come on. that looks good. come on. guys we are guys, we are joined by chauncey, head of the metropolis nights number one.
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>> such a surprise to us but apparently this website this is what they do nationwide. all the entertainment magazines in the state of new jersey, we are the best. bill: the hottest in new jersey. >> a couple of good ones. a club called rain in hoboken. they just opened a brand-new club in hoboken last night. bill: in the new jersey area we love. >> go for it. >> if there is nothing more american than apple pie nothing more jersey than pork roll. the magical mystery meat was invented right here in the capitol city of trenton and has been captivating carnivores around the garden state says before the civil war. beautiful salty, cheesy
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goodness. that is beautiful. teesix not complicated. >> no. we like it down and dirty. >> i think that it is such a critical part of people from new jersey. what your mom menu for breakfast on a saturday or sunday morning or what your grandmother had in her fridge. it brings up great memories for people. >> that was from janet cheesy. a a collection of 50 recipes. they try to elevate. enter the land of creative cuisine. i love me some pork rolls. rolls. i convinced her to come with me to the home of the 1st annual port royal festival last year. we will will try our hand at some of the recipes. in for a treat. >> so you have your industry standard pork roll egg cheese.
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all of these other interesting uses. we did this a unique flavor a little a little bit take it, little bit salty. >> pulled pork, avocado, crème fraîche, pico de gallo >> avocado. >> it's fine. it's fine. >> got right to it and fixed me the traditional as well as the tasty looking pork. it did not disappoint. >> cheers to you. >> oh yes. first zero, yes. first of all, it is me in a bag. you know something is going on with it. >> what is in it? >> i we will i we will ask you the same thing, what is in it? >> you know, with a typical
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use. >> it is pork roll the 1st ingredient, pork. you know what you get. get. second ingredient, none of your business. i am heading this weekend to try some pork roll. i roll. i have a feeling i won't find it anywhere else. bill: all right. go see alonso this weekend. it is funny. >> hotels down the shore normally packing vacationers >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> hi, everyone i'm fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. it's going to be a damp and dreary overnight as that rainfall continues to spread in. we're looking after widespread coverage especially around 3:00 a.m. and it continues to pick up in intensity. look at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, some pockets of
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yellow showing you indicating the heavier rain. will your entire weekend be a wash jut?
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